Expertise and professionalism since 1956

For over 65 years, Utensileria Modenese has been involved in distribution and assistance in the field of not only tools, work equipment, machines, and measuring instruments but also high-quality products and high- value-added services for the workshop, industry and mechanical engineering world. These services and more make Utensileria Modenese your ideal partner.  

We offer certified procedures in the fields of procurement, storage, and even sales: Utensileria Modenese guarantees maximum reliability and customer satisfaction.

As a Consorzio Distributori Utensili’s member, Utensileria Modenese is fast when it comes to satisfying every possible market demand.

your idealpartner

your idealpartner

High quality, rapidity, customised solutions and constant assistance make Utensileria Modenese your ideal partner

  • Certified procedures: from procurement to warehousing, from marketing to pre-sales and post sales assistance, Utensileria Modenese procedures guarantee maximum reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • Rapidity: part of the CDU, Consorzio Distributori Utensili, Utensileria Modenese can respond promptly to market demands guaranteeing a reliable, complete and competitive service.
  • Customized solutions: constant improvement and customer satisfaction have always led to our choices.
  • Evolving ourselves day by day: choosing Utensileria Modenese means choosing to count on a team of highly qualified professionals constantly updated on products, business processes, and market needs.

In 1994, we were the first company in this sector in Emilia Romagna to obtain ISO 9002 certification. Since 2017, we have been ISO9001:2015 certified.

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